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Security Weekly Podcast Network (Audio)

May 26, 2023

On this edition of the ESW news, we're all over the place! Funding and acquisitions are a little sad right now, but AI and TikTok bans raise our spirits. The hosts are split on feelings about the new .zip gTLD, there's a new standard for scoring an "AI Influence Level" (AIL), and lessons learned from Joe Sullivan's case and other Uber breaches. Also, don't miss the new AI tool DragGAN, which enables near magical levels of ease when manipulating photos.


What's even real anymore? We might not be able to tell for long... The reality is no organization is insusceptible to a breach – and security teams, alongside the C-suite, should prepare now to make the response more seamless once a crisis does happen. Based on his experience working 1:1 with security leaders in the private and public sectors, Jon Check, executive director of Cyber Protection Solutions at Raytheon Intelligence & Space, will share the critical steps organizations must take to best prepare for a security breach.

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While companies utilize dozens of security solutions, they continue to be compromised and are continually searching for their real cybersecurity gaps amongst the overload of vulnerability data. A primary issue security teams face is that they lack a way to continuously validate the effectiveness of the different security solutions they have in place. Automated Security Validation is revolutionizing cybersecurity by applying software validation algorithms, for what was once manual penetration testing jobs. It takes the attacker's perspective to challenge the integrity and resilience of security defenses by continuously emulating cyber attacks against them.

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Security teams are always on the lookout for external threats that can harm our organizations. However, an internal threat can derail productivity and lead to human error and burnout: repetitive, mundane tasks. To effectively defend against evolving threats, organizations must leverage no-code automation and free analysts to focus on higher-level projects that can improve their organization’s security posture.

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In today’s hyper-connected world, devices are everywhere, people are online constantly and sensitive data has moved to the cloud. Given these trends, organizations are making digital trust a strategic imperative. More than ever, companies need a unified platform, modern architecture and flexible deployment options in order to put digital trust to work.

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Bill Brenner, VP of content strategy at CyberRisk Alliance, and Cisco storyteller/team leader/editor Steve Ragan discuss the issues security professionals are sinking their teeth into at RSA Conference 2023, including:

  • Threats organizations face amid geopolitical strife (Russia/Ukraine, China, North Korea)
  • What SOCs need to respond to a world on fire (training for cloud-based ops, XDR)
  • Challenges of identity and access management (zero trust, MFA, hybrid work environments)
  • Challenges of vulnerability management (finding the most critical flaws in the cloud, key attack vectors in 2023, ransomware)

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