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Security Weekly Podcast Network (Audio)

Jul 20, 2013

The OWASP Top Ten is an awareness document for web application security, representing broad consensus about the most critical web application security risks as determined by the OWASP community. The OWASP Top 10 is one of the earliest and longest running OWASP projects, first published in 2003, and updates have been...

Jul 20, 2013

Troy Hunt is a Software architect and Microsoft MVP, you'll usually find him writing about security concepts and process improvement in software delivery on his blog. He also has a free e-book out "OWASP Top 10 for .NET developers"

Jul 15, 2013

Selena Proctor, Alex Horan and Mariano Nunez join us from Onapsis.

Schuyler Towne is on a mission to recover as much information as possible about the lock-related patents that were lost to the patent office fire of 1836. His primary interest is in the history and the story of the creators of the lost locks, but his...

Jul 13, 2013

Matt "Level" Bergin, age twenty four, works for CORE Security as a Senior Security Consultant where his day job consists of discovering, exploiting, and mitigating vulnerabilities in their client's network environments. Before joining CORE, Matt became well recognized in the industry through his activities in the...