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Security Weekly Podcast Network (Audio)

Mar 20, 2012

Tune in to Paul's Security Weekly TV, Hack Naked TV, and Hack Naked At Night episodes on our YouTube Channel or our Bliptv channel.

Episode 280 Featuring Raphael Mudge:

Episode 280 Show Notes

Episode 280 - Direct Audio Download (mp3)

Episode Hosts:

  • Paul Asadoorian, Host of Security Weekly and Stogie Geeks
  • Larry Pesce,...

  • Mar 14, 2012

    Testing virtual data centers, 10 movies scenes of authentication, PC is dead and we killed it, A/V is like smallpox vaccine (but not really).

    Mar 14, 2012

    Interview with SANS instructor & course author Tanya Baccam and Guest Tech Segment with Doug Burk on Security Onion