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Security Weekly Podcast Network (Audio)

Jun 30, 2023

Securing data is hard. Business stops when data flows are hindered, stopped, sometimes even slowed. Placing controls around data traditionally leads to more friction and less productivity. Can it be a different story in the cloud? Today, we find out when we talk to Dan Benjamin about why he founded Dig and the...

Jun 29, 2023

In this segment we welcome Carlos Perez back to the show! Carlos will discuss the different types of penetration testing, including adversary emulation, and a cool method we can use to cover our tracks on Windows systems. In the security news: You got so many CVEs you need your own, dedicated, vulnerability scanner,...

Jun 28, 2023

Without visibility and continuous monitoring, dangerous threats expose our blind spots and create risk. Invicti, who brought together Acunetix and Netsparker, analyzes common web application vulns across thousands of assets yearly and releases the Invicti AppSec Indicator for a holistic view of vulnerability trends...

Jun 28, 2023

This week in the Security News, Dr. Doug talks: Win 3.1, Fortinet, Women in Cyber nominations, Teams, IOS, Mockingjay, Jason Wood and More!

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Jun 27, 2023

In a tight economy, security budgets have been under scrutiny. Vendor consolidation strategies are real, but what are the pros and cons of this strategy? Shawn Surber from Tanium joins us to discuss how vendor consolidation is playing out and what to look for. It's not just an expense exercise, it's also a strategic...