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Security Weekly Podcast Network (Audio)

Aug 30, 2019

This week, we present the Security News, to discuss how AT&T employees took bribes to plant malware on the company’s network, how hackers could decrypt your GSM calls, 80 suspects charged with massive BEC scam, and how the passports and licenses of 300 people were leaked in New Zealand! In our second segment, we...

Aug 29, 2019

This week, Paul and Matt Alderman talk Enterprise News, to discuss 5 tips on how testers can collaborate with software developers, Imperva discloses a data breach affecting some firewall users, VMware unveils security enhancements in Virtual Cloud Network Offering, and how Veristor and Synack partner to apply Ethical...

Aug 28, 2019

This week, we welcome Tony Howlett, CISO at SecureLink, to talk about best practices to limit 3rd party risk! In the Leadership and Communications segment, The elements of a good company apology, 8 ways leaders delegate successfully, there's no shame in working on vacation, and more!


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Aug 27, 2019

This week, a hacker finds Instagram Account Takeover Flaw worth $10,000, a U.S. Judge orders Capital One hacker Paige Thompson to remain in prison, a vast majority of newly registered domains are malicious, and why half of all Social Media logins are fraud! In the expert commentary, Jason Wood joins us to discuss...

Aug 27, 2019

This week, we welcome Pawan Shankar, Senior Product Marketing Manager of Sysdig! In our second segment, we air two pre-recorded interviews with Azi Cohen, Co-Founder of WhiteSource, and Jeff Hudson, CEO of Venafi from BlackHat USA 2019!


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