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Security Weekly Podcast Network (Audio)

Jul 13, 2013

Matt "Level" Bergin, age twenty four, works for CORE Security as a Senior Security Consultant where his day job consists of discovering, exploiting, and mitigating vulnerabilities in their client's network environments. Before joining CORE, Matt became well recognized in the industry through his activities in the US Cyber Challenge and publications of vulnerability research such as his discovery of the Microsoft IIS 7.5 FTP Heap Overflow.

Kati Rodzon is the manager of Security Behavior Deisgn for MAD Security. Her last nine years have been spent studying psychology and ways to modify human behavior. From learning about the power of social pressure on groups, to how subtle changes in reinforcement can drastically change individual behavior, Kati has spent the better part of a decade learning how humans work and now applies that to security awareness.

Mike Murray has spent more than a decade helping companies to protect their information by understanding their vulnerability posture from the perspective of an attacker. Mike co-founded MAD Security, where he leads engagements to help corporate and government customers understand and protect their security organization.