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Security Weekly Podcast Network (Audio)

Mar 29, 2024

Many years ago, I fielded a survey focused on the culture of cybersecurity. One of the questions asked what initially drew folks to cybersecurity as a career. The most common response was a deep sense of curiosity. Throughout my career, I noticed another major factor in folks that brought a lot of value to security teams: diversity.

Diversity of people, diversity of background, and diversity of experience. I've seen auto mechanics, biologists, and finance experts bring the most interesting insights and forehead-slapping observations to the table. I think part of the reason diversity is so necessary is that security itself is incredibly broad. It covers everything that technology, processes, and people touch. As such, cybersecurity workers need to have a similarly broad skillsets and background.

Today, we talk to someone that embodies both this non-typical cybersecurity background and sense of curiosity - Clea Ostendorf. We'll discuss:

  • The importance for organizations to actively seek and welcome curious newcomers in the security field who may not conform to traditional cybersecurity norms.
  • Strategies for organizations to foster an environment that encourages individuals with curiosity, motivation, and a willingness to challenge conventional norms, thereby promoting innovative thinking in addressing security risks.

Segment Resources:

Evolving Threats from Within - Insights from the 2024 Code42 Data Exposure Report

This week, in the enterprise security news:

  1. Early stage funding is all the rage
  2. AI startups continue to pop out of stealth
  3. The buyer's market continues with more interesting acquisitions
  4. Purpose-built large language models for security
  5. Benchmarking LLMs for security
  6. GoFetch? More like... Get outta here (I couldn't think of anything clever)
  7. Crowdstrike and NVIDIA team up
  8. Why do people trust AI?
  9. What do Google Sheets and Carlos Sainz Jr. have in common?

All that and more, on this episode of Enterprise Security Weekly!

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Show Notes: