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Security Weekly Podcast Network (Audio)

Dec 14, 2020

This week, it's the 15 Year Anniversary Edition of Security Weekly! We celebrate with three roundtable discussions on Penetration Testing, Blue Team Techniques, and Hacker Culture! Penetration Testing: Join us for a lively discussion surrounding the topic of penetration testing. Sure, we've called out differences between vulnerability scanning and penetration testing. Moving past this particular issue, we'll explore how to effectively use penetration testing in your environments. Blue Team Techniques We often hear that offensive security techniques are "sexier" than defensive blue team techniques. In this panel discussion, we attempt to level the playing field (on so many levels...) between attackers and defenders. Keeping the evil attackers out of our networks and systems is a daunting task that requires creative thinking and creative solutions. Hacker Culture: Hacking matters. The term hacking has gotten away from us over the years. I believe we've reclaimed it, to a certain extent. The goal of this panel is to discuss all things hacking culture. What does it mean to be a hacker and how do we preserve the hacking ideology?


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