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Security Weekly Podcast Network (Audio)

Apr 12, 2006

We are very proud to bring you the exclusive interview with Johnny Long. I would like everyone to go out and buy two copies of his Google hacking book from Johnny's web site because 100% of the proceed go to charity, and everyone should have a copy for work and a copy for home :) Here are the links to purchase:

Purchase the book here - All proceeds benefit the Compassion International Children's Fund.

NOTE: There was some lag on this call, we're sorry, hoping to upgrading bandwith or replace Skype with something better.
  • How Johnny set a new world record for employment (well sorta)
  • The history of "Google Hacking"
  • How came to be the wonderful Google hacking source
  • Johnny discuss an assortment of Google hacking tools, such as BiDiHBLAH, bile, Wikto, and AdvancedDork
  • Hear the "behind the scenes" of Johnny's "Hacking Hollywood" presentation he gave at Schmoocon
  • Johnny discusses some of his other books, including "OS X for the Hackers Heart" and the Stealing the Network Series
  • Ethics, religion, and being yourself
  • Good advice for life, Kung Fu, and being a penetration tester