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Security Weekly Podcast Network (Audio)

Feb 17, 2006

We are very excited to present to our listeners an exclusive interview with Mike Poor & Ed Skoudis of Intelguardians and The SANS Institute. Larry, The Mason, and myself spoke with Mike and Ed about a wide range of information security topics. This is part I of a two part interview. In part I we discuss:

  • First computers that Mike and Ed owned (NOT 0wn3d, see part II for that, kidding of course :)
  • How Mike and Ed got their start in the information technology field
  • They describe the primary courses they teach at SANS, GCIA and GCIH
  • A really good description of SANS EDU
  • Their experiences as incident handlers for The Internet Storm Center (ISC)
  • Recent security incident trends, such as more hackers going to jail
  • Botnet economics and strategies, plus ways to defend against the almighty botnet!
  • Current malware trends and defense mechanisms, including Mike Poor's commentary on IDS and malware
Fr more information including all feed links and direct downloads go here.