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Security Weekly Podcast Network (Audio)

May 21, 2024

Secure coding education should be more than a list of issues or repeating generic advice. Liran Tal explains his approach to teaching developers through examples that start with exploiting known vulns and end with discussions on possible fixes. Not only does this create a more engaging experience, but it also relies on code that looks familiar to developers rather than contrived or overly simplistic examples.

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The challenge of evaluating threat alerts in aggregate – what a collection and sequence of threat signals tell us about an attacker’s sophistication and motives – has bedeviled SOC teams since the dawn of the Iron Age. Vectra AI CTO Oliver Tavakoli will discuss how the design principles of our XDR platform deal with this challenge and how GenAI impacts this perspective.

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In this interview, we will discuss the network security challenges of business applications and how they can also be the solution. AlgoSec has spent over two decades tackling tough security issues in some of the world’s most complex networks. Now, they’re applying their expertise to hybrid networks—where customers are combining their on-premise resources along with multiple cloud providers.

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