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Security Weekly Podcast Network (Audio)

Dec 28, 2023

I once told my college advisor that I wanted to double major in computer science and jazz performance. She laughed at me. Instead, I jumped into a career in IT and played jazz - without a degree in either. Turns out, that was fine - the industry valued experience and results over academic achievement. Today's guest has two degrees, one in fine arts, one in pre-law, and that's also fine. If there's anything I've learned in InfoSec, it's the mind that matters most, less so the degrees or certs on your wall. Angela Marafino gets cybersecurity and understands what makes it tick. Using this knowledge, she has built a personal brand, network, and career in an impressively short time. She is simultaneously mentor and mentee. Today, we'll explore Angela's path into the industry as well as some of her views on challenges, like imposter syndrome.

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