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Security Weekly Podcast Network (Audio)

May 18, 2023

This week, we discuss fundings, acquisitions (TWO DSPM exits!), the ongoing market downturn/weirdness, and surprise - LLM-based AIs! We spend a fair amount of time talking about the importance of breach transparency - we need to be able to learn from others' failures to improve our own defenses. We also discuss the inevitable 'One App To Rule them All' that will serve as an all-knowing personal assistant. It will integrate with all our comms, calendars, and notes, which will be scary and fraught with privacy and security issues. But Tyler and Adrian still yearn for it, as their pre-frontal cortexes become increasingly dulled by scotch and beer.


Enterprises are struggling to manage and reduce their organizational attack surface, especially with a shortage of skilled staff. Find out how some security executives are tackling this challenge by automating their IT and vulnerability management.

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Cars have evolved from a physical mode of transportation to a digitized experience, bringing with it new risks and challenges in security, privacy and user experience. Putting identity at the center of the connected world solves simplicity and safety challenges, including physical safety, digital security and data privacy. Furthermore, decentralized identity plays a major role in a better, more secure seamless experience – not just for vehicles, but for society at large.

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There is a war on trust in the digital world, and people are caught in the crosshairs. Everywhere we look, there are identity risks with crippling repercussions for businesses, whether fake people, fake content, or insecure web links. With the rise of generative AI tools in business, threat actors are utilizing these technologies to create more sophisticated phishing emails – mimicking brands and tone or more easily translating copy into several languages making them more difficult to identify and easily connecting hackers with global audiences. Now is the time to implement solutions that empower a connected thread of trust between businesses and users – before all trust is lost.

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Semperis CEO Mickey Bresman sits down with SC Magazine to share practical steps for improving Active Directory resilience in the face of escalating cyberattacks, using real-world examples. With cybercrime costs projected to reach $8 trillion in 2023 and AD being the top target for attackers, organizations must prepare to detect, respond, and recover from AD-based attacks. Learn how InfoSec and IAM teams can operationalize the Gartner "top trending" topic of identity threat detection and response (ITDR) to ward off attackers and take back the advantage.

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Today’s CISOs are laser focused on three imperatives: reducing risk; reducing operational costs, and attracting or retaining top talent. All three priorities are driven by creating a better SOC analyst experience which translates to less time to detect and respond to an attack. In this discussion, we’ll uncover how Extended Detection & Response (XDR) can drastically improve the SOC analyst experience and alleviate CISOs’ top challenges.

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While emerging cyber threats and vulnerabilities tend to dominate headlines, criminals often exploit known vulnerabilities to gain access to critical systems and data for nefarious purposes. And with the number of vulnerabilities rising constantly, they can pose significant risk to organizations, especially if defenders don’t know which ones are critical. Learn how Expel is helping to pull back the curtain on how organizations can more effectively prioritize their most critical vulnerabilities.

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