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Security Weekly Podcast Network (Audio)

May 12, 2023

We are nearly half way through 2023, and we're seeing some new trends surface in the cyber landscape. These include generative artificial intelligence, which was everywhere at RSA Conference this year, as well as automation across security operations and the continued need for skilled expertise. Join Matt Alderman from CyberRisk Alliance and Antonio Sanchez, Principal Evangelist at Fortra, as they dive into 2023 cybersecurity trends and observations.

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In the enterprise security news, A slow week for funding, but, as always, a busy week for AI news! Databricks acquires Okera, CrowdStrike, Fortinet and other cybersecurity shares rise, Merck might finally see that $1.4 billion dollar NotPetya payout, Ex-Uber CISO Joe Sullivan won’t go to jail, Google rolls out passkey support, Do Bartenders make good pen testers?, ICS using steganography to hide data, DEF CON will unleash hackers on Large Language Models, and Security’s eternal prioritization problem!


The browser is the most used application, but was never built with the needs of the enterprise in mind. The Enterprise Browser delivers a whole new level of visibility, security and governance. This conversation will explore the benefits of the Enterprise Browser and the gaps it is filling for enterprises around the world.

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Resilience and the capacity for reinvention have never been more important. In a world evolving at the speed of tech and roiled by the pandemic, enterprises that have security innovation woven into their DNA enjoy a distinct advantage. Learn more.

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The increased prevalence of phishing kits sourced from black markets and chatbot AI tools like ChatGPT has seen attackers quickly develop more targeted phishing campaigns. This improved targeting has simplified the process of manipulating users into taking actions that compromise their security credentials, leaving them and their organizations vulnerable.

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