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Security Weekly Podcast Network (Audio)

Mar 30, 2023

So much of the tech world went remote at the start of the pandemic, and many of those jobs (and engineers) show no sign of ever going back into an office. Building successful teams in this environment takes a different approach, one defined by autonomy and trust. In this segment, Nickolas Means, VP of Engineering at Sym, will share insights from more than a decade of leading distributed teams to help us all thrive in a world where distributed is the new normal.


The White House recently revealed their National Cybersecurity Strategy and its 5 pillars. Some is straightforward - some is more controversial. Josh helped with it and wrote a blog about it. Adrian read that post and asked Josh to come discuss it. So here we are.

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In the enterprise security news, early stage startup funding stays constant, but late stage is nowhere to be found. Cisco, XM Cyber, and Mastercard make acquisitions. YouTube channels keep getting hacked. Microsoft fails to use Azure securely. Organizations are making progress on zero trust, but slowly. Finally, more discussion on AI threats, concerns, and predictions.


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