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Security Weekly Podcast Network (Audio)

Jul 29, 2022

In the Enterprise Security News: Blockchain security startups are still raising tons of money, but not in crypto, since it’s now worthless. Ha! just kidding. Maybe. Am I? Anvilogic, AppViewX, Sotero, Resourcely, and Push Security all raise rounds JUICY RUMORS! Is Crowdstrike buying Orca? Is Akamai getting bought out by a PE shop? HUMAN and PerimeterX join in a rare cybersecurity merger, Are Azure’s vulnerabilities out of control? Zoom brings end-to-end encryption to its cloud phone service, npm says FINE, we’ll add some security, Kaseya’s CEO is just, telling it like it is, man. The problem must be with you. A robot attacks a child, time to add EMP grenades to your EDC! All that and more!


In order to run a successful SOC, security leaders rely on tools with different strengths to create layers of defense. This has led to a highly siloed industry with over 2,000 vendors, each with their own specific function and who very seldom work together. To gain an advantage on attackers, we need to start seeing cybersecurity as a team sport––united for a shared mission. In this session, ExtraHop's Jamie Moles and CrowdStrike's Dixon Styres discuss why and how vendors should work together to enable better integrated security for their customers. They'll share their joint philosophy toward an ecosystem approach to security and will show off some of the specific capabilities of the integration between ExtraHop Reveal(x) 360 and CrowdStrike Falcon in a live demo.

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Heightened emotions, demands for updates, not knowing how bad things might be...

Incident response isn’t easy, but practice and the right tools can make it a whole lot less stressful. Some regulations like PCI require annual IR tests, but is that enough? Imagine playing a sport where the team meets for one half-hearted practice once a year. How would that team perform under pressure? How would they communicate?

Say this sports analogy has convinced you – the IR team should practice more and should practice effectively. Questions still remain – how often? Are tabletops enough, or are live exercises and simulations necessary? We’ll aim to answer these questions and more during this interview with Tim and Paul from Tanium.

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