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Security Weekly Podcast Network (Audio)

Jul 29, 2022

In our research, 85% of security professionals attribute preventable business impacts to insufficient response practices. In this segment, Bill will discuss the key challenges slowing down response times, such as staffing challenges, alert quality, and organizational culture as primary factors slowing down response.

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This week in the Enterprise News: Lacework lays off approx 300 employees, US Narrows Scope of Anti-Hacking Law Long Hated by Critics, Security Study Plan, DevSecOps Vulnerability Management by Guardrails, StackZone, Cipherloc Acquires vCISO Security Services Provider SideChannel, Broadcom to Buy VMware for $61 Billion in Record Tech Deal, Cyscale raises EUR 3 million in Seed Funding Round, & more!


There are a few IETF standards that make the identity world go 'round. SAML, FIDO and LDAP are ones that we know and love... but there's one particularly un-loved standard that is the glue between most identity systems -- cloud and on-prem -- out there. It's called SCIM and -- good news -- smart people are working on improving this 10+ year old standard. Big changes coming, and here to talk with us about it is Paul Lanzi...

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