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Security Weekly Podcast Network (Audio)

Feb 27, 2024

Farshad Abasi joins us again to talk about creating a new OWASP project, the Secure Pipeline Verification Standard. (Bonus points for not being a top ten list!) We talk about what it takes to pitch a new project and the problems that this new project is trying to solve. For this kind of project to be successful -- as in making a positive impact to how software is built -- it's important to not only identify the right audience, but craft guidance in a way that's understandable and achievable for that audience. This is also a chance to learn more about a project in its early days and the opportunities for participating in its development!

Segment resources

PrintListener recreates fingerprints, iMessage updates key handling for a PQ3 rating, Silent Sabotage shows supply chain subterfuge against AI models, 2023 Rust survey results, the ways genAI might help developers, and more!

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