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Security Weekly Podcast Network (Audio)

Mar 5, 2021

This week, we welcome Phillip Wylie, instructor at INE, to discuss Offensive Cybersecurity Education and Getting Started in Pentesting! In the second segment, I will personally be walking you through "How to Build a Kick-Ass PC"! Finally, In the Security News, Calling all people who know how to patch MS Exchange servers, we need you, Rockwell Automation PLC flaws and what you can't do about it, a book review I agree with, be careful what you expose at home, yet another Chrome 0day, jailbreak your iPhone, the cybersecurity consolidation, and taking back the term "Hacker", for real this time!


Show Notes:

His book:

The Pwn School Project meetup:

INE ( ), Phillip's employer offers a free starter pass for training in four different areas of technology; Penetration Testing Student, Getting started in networking, Azure fundamentals, first steps in data science with Python:


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