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Security Weekly Podcast Network (Audio)

Oct 16, 2012

Guest Tech Segment: Charlie Eriksen on Wordpress plugin security

In this technical segment, we will look at Charlie Eriksens research into Wordpress plugin security. By searching large amounts of code for code that is often insecurely written, it is possible to find a large amount of vulnerabilities in plugins running on thousands of Wordpress sites across the internet.


How Your #Naked Pictures Ended Up on the Internet
The Security-Conscious Uncle - Yea, I'm talking about ATM card security. After reading this, and hearing my thoughts and views on Debit cards, I want to keep my money in my own safe. Banks make it so hard to keep your money secure. I don't want a Debit card, its a ridiculous concept that only benefits the bank. I want more than a 4-digit pin number too. My best advice is to only tie your ATM card to an account with a small amount of cash to limit damages, if your bank even allows you to do that.
No homecoming queen vote if you don't wear RFID tag? - I'm sorry, I don't want to wear an RFID tag. Tracking students has gotten way out of control. I proved how you can clone RFID tags in a MA CCDC compition. So, students, if you want a lesson on how to become any one of your classmates, please come find me.
Hacker wins $60 - Don't get me wrong, I think this is a good thing. The more we encourage legit folks to find vulnerabilities, the better.
Firefox 16 pulled offline following security flaw find - Firefox is becoming the new IE!
Mobile Brings a New Dimension to the Enterprise Risk Equation - I think I've solved the BYOD problem, just buy all employees brand new iPhone 5s, manage them with an MDM (like Apple Profile Manager) and everyone is happy. I think this comes down to giving the people what they want.
Reporting Mistakes - I agree that we need to be forthcoming about where security has failed. I don't get First, talking about the exact way to exploit an 0day makes it easier for more people to exploit it. Learning of a 0Day exploit, and the details, gives us a fighting chance to defend ourselves. I think there has to be some quiet time if you want to involved the vendor, then you gotta tell people. It also depends on the nature of the 0day, maybe the vendor won't listen, or maybe its 0Day in the DNS protocol.
James Bond's Dry Erase Marker: The Hotel PenTest Pen - SpiderLabs Anterior - This is just way too super cool, best usage of Arduino and Dry Erase marker EVER (maybe the only usage of the two together).
HP Communities - CISO Concerns - Security vs. Usability - CISOs love to bat around terms like security, usability, compliance, affordability, ROI, etc... These are fine, in the right context, but lets not forget, you have the word security in your title, and at some level you have to prevent people from getting pwned. Sometimes I think we lose site of that.