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Security Weekly Podcast Network (Audio)

Apr 16, 2012

Tune in to Paul's Security Weekly TV, Hack Naked TV, and Hack Naked At Night episodes on our YouTube Channel or our Bliptv channel.

Gene Kim Interview:

Episode 283 Show Notes

Episode 283 - Part 1 with Gene Kim - Direct Audio Download (mp3)

Episode 283 - Part 2 with Goatse - Direct Audio Download (mp3)

Episode Hosts:

  • Paul Asadoorian, Host of Security Weekly and Stogie Geeks
  • Larry Pesce, Host of Hack Naked At Night
  • Jack Daniel, Security B-Sides, Most epic beard in information security.
  • John Strand, Host of Hack Naked TV
  • Carlos Perez, Host of Security Weekly Espanol
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